Manufacturing and Production

Fundamentally different from other computer-based and cloud-based accounting systems, It goes beyond basic accounting by providing reports and ready-to-use analytics and dashboard. The simple and precise transaction screen helps in optimizing the business process.

Manufacturing and Production

Streamline your entire manufacturing process from production planning and scheduling, through sequencing and execution, to monitoring and analysis, and improve efficiency along your entire value chain. It is designed to ease manufacturing systems management.

Manufacturing and Production Module Outline:

  • Work Orders

  • Production Entry

  • Shop Control

  • Project Accounting

  • Shipping and Receiving

Work Orders

Work Orders is designed for manufacturing firms that require work order processing, component allocation, routing, and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) features. Work Orders can be automatically generated from sales order requirements, inventory shortages, or inventory forecast requirements. By defining work centers and operation steps, users can create flexible labor routes.

Production Entry

Production Entry is designed for companies that need a bill of materials, sales kit, configuration, or backflush processing, but don’t require the allocation of BOM components. It supports unlimited levels of bill materials and real-time costing from the Inventory Module. Modular and variable BOM types are available to handle product configuration issues with speed and flexibility, as well as maintaining fewer BOMs.

Shop Control

Shop Control provides shop floor capacity scheduling, what-if planning capabilities, and WIP tracking for production managers who require Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII). It imports open work orders with defined routes, identifies bottlenecks, and calculates work order completion dates. What-if plan orders can be created to view resource requirements without affecting real-time purchasing decisions.

Project Accounting

Project Accounting provides a budget and costing tool for project accounting and job cost management. Its design allows up to four levels of cost tracking with project, phases, category, and cost-type definition. The job account mask supports the optional use of phrases and/or categories, and cost-types are user-definable.

Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling


Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) is included with the Material Requirements Planning module and is designed to assist manufacturers and distributors with both day-to-day control and long-range planning and decision making. Forecasting and MPS support businesses that operate multiple, mixed-mode strategies simultaneously. Forecasting & Master Production Scheduling functionality includes:

  • Forecasting – Forecasts can be generated from multiple historical sources (e.g., sales, invoice, and inventory usage history). Users can also manually enter forecasts for companies, plants, customers, dates, and parts, cut-and-paste from other applications into the forecast system, or generate forecasts from multiple historical sources. Another option is to export and import forecasts to and from other applications or customers. Import options allow forecasts to be broken down by part, customer, plant, date, and company. This import can update the existing forecast, be a new forecast, or be completely clear and re-load.

  • Forecast Buckets – Bucket forecasts for variable periods: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

  • Forecast Analysis – Forecast any number of variables (e.g., revenue) rather than just forecasting product units. Forecasting allows any number of tiers to be forecast and analyzed (e.g., forecasting product units by company, state, city, and customer).

  • Inter-Company – Trading Dynamically accepts forecasts from other companies within the enterprise. This allows companies to give visibility to the supply company of future demand without needing to raise a firm intercompany order.

  • Master Production Schedule – Enter production forecasts for specific end parts using the MPS function. Perform an iterative process of entering a planned schedule, viewing the effect on your resources, then modifying the plan until you have achieved an optimal schedule. Manually enter or cut-and-paste MPS from other applications or automatically generate the MPS from the forecast.

  • Driving Capacity and Raw Material Procurement – Make and alter MPS decisions based on constraints. Both forecasting and MPS can independently drive future demand.

Our Solutions 

Accounting software that allows you to manage your entire business on the go.


Stay ahead with purchasing strategies that help keep your business lean and agile to meet the demands of the market.



Know the value of your company.  From purchasing and selling the fixed asset to having multiple depreciation books as well as disposal.

Fixed Asset

Know your maintenance and service expenses for a fixed asset.  From asset transfer to asset disposal, we have your fixed asset covered. 

Property Management System

Allows the users to input details/information related to a specific property. Transactions that can be done directly and allows the user to see the details of the beginning balances of a property unit.

Human Resource Information System

HRIS Solution includes personal information, job and income history, banking and tax information, insurance plans, time off requests, disciplinary history, performance comments, and any other custom fields vital to the firm.

Supply Chain Management

Know your real-time stock availabilities and movements.  From single items to multiple warehouses, we have your supply chain covered. 
Don't let your inventory dictate your business, command the flow of goods.

Warehouse Management System

Track exactly how your business is performing and where your funds are going with powerful real-time reporting.
Remove the hassle of creating reports from scratch.  Use the out of the box reports that can give you the details you need to make a decision.

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