Apartment Buildings

Property Management System

  • Lesser Time Spent On Administrative Task And Lesser Paperwork

  • Optimize and streamline for efficiency.

  • Maintains information of the unit owner/tenant.

  • Manages billing for using building facilities.

  • Seamlessly integrated with other software.

Property Management System

Our Property Management System works as condominium management. It maintains information about the owner of the unit and/or tenant. It provides comprehensive real estate services from finance, engineering, administrative, government compliance to maintenance management. Through our quality management standards, the end-users will enjoy the total quality of life. It enables you to run thorough analysis through the data stored in the system and gives you insights on your business to spot inefficiencies and discover opportunities. It can be seamlessly integrated with other software. It creates an impact on the overall properties of the company. We help you develop you integrate your capabilities to manage your properties. We help you control your properties with just a few clicks.


Real-Time Access to Information

Accessible, complete and transparent property management

Flexible Processing

Customize every aspect of your properties from data fields to approval workflows

Reduce Administration Works

Reduces the risk of fixed property issues from inappropriate data input

Intuitive User-Interface

All operations should be laid out clearly on the page. Requires little or no additional training for its ease of use.


Allows the users to input details/information related to a specific property. Be able to input the details of the unit of a specified property. Most of the transactions are recorded in submodules and are reconciled with the properties in real-time. Transactions can be done directly and allow the user to see the details of the beginning balances of a property unit. With an open system, you will always be future-oriented. You will be able to integrate necessary applications into your PMS at any time!

Terms of Service
Property Management Flow

Coordinated and integrated action taken to fulfill a requirement for goods or services in a timely manner at a reasonable price. It involves a number of sequential stages, ranging from need identification to streamlining accounting process. Steps in a property management cycle need to be executed in a strict order.

Our Solutions 

Accounting software that allows you to manage your entire business on the go.


Stay ahead with purchasing strategies that help keep your business lean and agile to meet the demands of the market.



Know the value of your company.  From purchasing and selling the fixed asset to having multiple depreciation books as well as disposal.

Manufacturing and Production

Keep your processes lean while managing the fine detail by accounting for multiple levels of Bill of Materials and the use of items and resources.

Fixed Asset

Know your maintenance and service expenses for a fixed asset.  From asset transfer to asset disposal, we have your fixed asset covered. 

Supply Chain Management

Know your real-time stock availabilities and movements.  From single items to multiple warehouses, we have your supply chain covered. 
Don't let your inventory dictate your business, command the flow of goods.

Warehouse Management System

Track exactly how your business is performing and where your funds are going with powerful real-time reporting.
Remove the hassle of creating reports from scratch.  Use the out of the box reports that can give you the details you need to make a decision.

Human Resource Information System

HRIS Solution includes personal information, job and income history, banking and tax information, insurance plans, time off requests, disciplinary history, performance comments, and any other custom fields vital to the firm.

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