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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Enter and maintain customer orders and reference back to the order numbers

  • Invoice orders directly with little or no additional input

  • Give the users information and options on inventory location

Supply Chain Management

It is a full suite of enterprise application capabilities—including purchase management, sourcing, and procurement, inventory management, advanced material management, shipping and receiving, and warehouse management—and is complemented by forecasting, order management, and analytics capabilities. Combined, you have the solution you need to meet—and even exceed—customer expectations in today’s increasingly global marketplace.

A highly effective supply chain is critical to the success of your strategic growth initiatives. Top-performing manufacturers are empowering supply chain processes with innovative technology that is best fit for unique operational needs, easy to use, and informed by industry best practices. Drive out costs, increase velocity, and enhance your customer experience with a strong supply chain that is ready for the future.​ It provides effective coordination from initial raw materials to the ultimate delivery of the finished product, transforming your supply chain into a results-driven value chain.

Supply Chain Management Module Outline:

  • Multi-site Management

  • Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling

  • Material Requirements Planning

  • Mobile Warehouse

  • Forecast Pro

Sales Management System

Integrated by


Transparent Sales Order

Accessible, complete and transparent customer orders.

Flexible Processing

Customize every aspect of your orders from data fields to approval workflows

Fewer Human Errors

Reduces the risk of sales issues from inappropriate data input

Workflow Automation

Simplifies activities related to sales order, credit limit, delivery, and sales invoice.


Sales Order

All requested items that are managed through sales order. It can be set up in the system which are customers that will be used for the ordering items. Most of the transactions are recorded in submodules and they are reconciled with the sales orders in real-time. Transactions that can be done directly in sales order include warehouse which is posted to select the delivery location of the item requested.

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice is a sub-module that captures all transactions with customers and manages payment plans. Delivery dates and payment terms will be set and when transactions are posted in the sales order, then requisition will be updated with the items in real-time. Transactions in sales orders include payment terms, delivery date, VAT, currency, and warehouse.

Multi-site Management

Not only are manufacturers and distributors looking for new tools to oversee multi-plant operations, but they’re also looking to maximize the use of existing resources. Alternative production methods management helps optimize the production processes for specific parts in each plant, based on the resources available. Another optimization tool includes the transfer of material or semi-finished components to another plant for completion.

  • Material management – Provides core warehousing functions allowing users to initiate adjustments and movements from the warehouse floor. Offers an increased efficiency with cycle counts and stock takes. Enables efficient entry with automated workflows triggered by scan events.

  • Shipping – Scan pick validation option included. Process outbound shipments direct from the device. Functions include creating Master Packs and standard Pick Lists for customers not licensed for Advanced Material Management (AMM).



  • Receiving – Provides complete functionality to process an inbound container or purchase order, as well as intercompany and transfer order receipts. It provides users with effective and efficient serial and lot processing and multiple UOM scanning. Users can search for all open PO’s for a part by scanning parts barcodes.

  • Trackers – Trackers help the shop/warehouse users in completing their daily routine.

  • Material queue – Users can efficiently pick items assigned to their queue, grab items from the available queue, or return items back to the queue. Users can select an outbound order and select all material queue transactions related to the order, to the users’ queue. Advanced sort and filter functionality allows users to save to a named query and dynamically add to the sub-menu. Unpicking sales or transfer orders functionality is also included.

Material Requirements Planning

Built for the needs of a single site as a well as extended enterprise, MRP offers cross-plant and cross-company planning. Enhanced to offer plant source as well as product group sourcing of materials and assemblies, MRP automatically and visually extends the enterprise to efficiently manage supply and demand, from forecasting and MPS to MRP generation, and more. Material Requirements Planning functionality includes:

  • Sourcing By Plant – Define a unique source per part or plant— whether its default sourcing is purchased, produced, or transferred. What is produced in one location may be purchased—or transferred in—from another.

  • Available-to-Promise View running balances with the available-to-promise function. Enter a quantity, and the system will find the earliest date that quantity will be available. Enter a date, and see how many parts are available on that day. MPS, forecast, order, and planned receipt quantities are visible to help you in your production planning tasks.

  • Planning Types – Maximize your planning accuracy with multiple types of inventory planning, including minimum/maximum/multiple, days of supply, and run out.

  • Rough Cut Horizon – Enable MRP to process more efficiently by removing the time spent scheduling beyond a specified threshold or rough-cut horizon.

  • Recycle Jobs – MRP reuses un-firm jobs for optimum MRP performance.

  • Short Horizon Days of Supply – To optimize MRP performance, a Short Horizon Days of Supply field is included within the Part Maintenance program on the Plant Detail sheet. This field defines a material value that will be used when MRP determines that the needed materials fall within the Short Horizon.

  • Calculate Manufacturing Lead Time – Plan for part components lower down in the assembly structure for accurate MRP scheduling.

  • Start Minimum Quantity – Account for partial material availability in MRP calculations to get started earlier with available material and improve delivery performance.

  • Bill of Materials Check – MRP checks the revision level and verifies approvals before pulling in a standard BOM and routing. For parts that do not have a current approved revision, a job suggestion is created in the new/change order queue to help ensure requirements are not lost.

Mobile Warehouse

Designed and fully integrated, the Mobile Warehouse is the next generation of handheld applications for the warehouse environment. A modern and intuitive application, the mobile warehouse provides complex sort and filter options for users that include both part level and bin level validation. Scan validation is a configurable feature as well. Shortcuts to favorites and the frequently visited, as well as automated workflows triggered by scan events, improve the user experience. The Mobile Warehouse optimizes workflow for fast and accurate scanning, improves time to process transactions, increases accuracy, and reduces errors. It is compatible with the latest scanning devices running on Android® 5 or higher from Honeywell® and Zebra®. Simply download the application from the Google Play™ store into your device and start using it with minimal setup.

Forecast Pro

Forecast Pro is designed to support large-scale forecasting jobs, collaborative forecasting, working with complex hierarchies, maintaining multiple forecasts overrides, documenting your forecasting sessions, and integrating with historical data. With Forecast Pro you can create accurate forecasts quickly and easily using proven statistical forecasting methods such as Exponential Smoothing, Box-Jenkins, Event Models, Multiple-level Models, Seasonal Simplification, Low Volume Models, Intermittent Demand Models, Moving Averages, Curve Fitting, and Simple Methods.

Handheld Support: Whether doing physical inventory or material moves or looking up serialized part information, the Handheld application offers an easy-to-use interface that is designed for plant and distribution employees. The Handheld module allows you to track your inventory as it moves throughout your enterprise with real-time data capture to improve inventory accuracy and speed up the order-to-ship cycle. Providing your users with event-based directing and routing of all managed tasks in real-time, the Handheld module not only helps you maintain complete transaction event history for analysis and reporting purposes but when coupled with Advanced Material Management, it also provides detailed tracking of material requirements and WIP information through mobile access to the material and picks orders queue.

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Sales Management System is a continuous and repetitive process for selling goods (units, and even parts) to the customers. An efficient sales cycle could improve customer relationships and increase sales. It creates an impact on the customer orders, invoices, and sales of the company. Showing transactions settled at any given month, calculating discounts across a range of products, viewing the sequence of invoices, credits entered in the transactions, and processing collection applied to a specific invoice. 


We help you develop your sales capabilities to the customers and maintain customer orders. We help you create sales orders with just a few clicks. Gives the user information and options on inventory location. We improve your sales and invoice performance with the sales management system. Keep track of a product's availability from your inventory and check your customer order's status.

Our Solutions 

Accounting software that allows you to manage your entire business on the go.


Stay ahead with purchasing strategies that help keep your business lean and agile to meet the demands of the market.



Know the value of your company.  From purchasing and selling the fixed asset to having multiple depreciation books as well as disposal.

Manufacturing and Production

Keep your processes lean while managing the fine detail by accounting for multiple levels of Bill of Materials and the use of items and resources.

Fixed Asset

Know your maintenance and service expenses for a fixed asset.  From asset transfer to asset disposal, we have your fixed asset covered. 

Human Resource Information System

HRIS Solution includes personal information, job and income history, banking and tax information, insurance plans, time off requests, disciplinary history, performance comments, and any other custom fields vital to the firm.

Warehouse Management System

Track exactly how your business is performing and where your funds are going with powerful real-time reporting.
Remove the hassle of creating reports from scratch.  Use the out of the box reports that can give you the details you need to make a decision.

Property Management System

Allows the users to input details/information related to a specific property. Transactions that can be done directly and allows the user to see the details of the beginning balances of a property unit.

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