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On-Cloud or On Premise

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Flexible User License

Our innovative cloud solution lets you decide what’s best for you. 

Every process owner and stakeholders should have an access to daily operations.


Customizable Solution

There’s always a significant process that fits your business.

Solutions Overview


Helix CAS is a cloud-based accounting software.  We are the leading software for the digital transformation in the industry today. We are devoted to providing the most diversified solutions to small, medium, and large businesses that will drive unprecedented efficiency and profitability in their respective industries.

Helix CAS  eliminates inefficiencies by automating the business processes and connecting all physical and digital data sources into one synergetic, versatile, user-friendly platform.

Whether it be comprehensive cloud-based or on-premise, we see that you get what your business needs. We are committed to transcending the financial future of your business, one data at a time.


Anytime & Anywhere

Your business goes wherever you go. That means to manage and monitor remotely as everything is accessible on the cloud with 99.99% connectivity and multi-layer security to the stored information


Our Solutions


Order Management


Sales and Billing







Warehouse and Logistics



Construction Management


Budget and Planning


Membership Management

Fixed Asset Management



About Us


Helix Software Technologies Corp offers the turn-key solution by combining the best method and state-of-the-art technology.  Helix delivers a solution far more efficiently and effectively in the marketplace.

Helix offers the finest solutions from system consultancy, off-the-shelf system solution, customization implementation, and a Computerized Accounting System roll-out. Equipped with synergy and experience, Helix has helped companies maintain a competitive advantage by deploying and maintaining cutting-edge Computerized Accounting System solutions.


Our name arises from the demand of Synergy and Experience required in digital transformation. It is represented by a symbol of energy rising empowering every industry it touches.

We aim to be a building block of every industry as we collaborate and integrate with all the resources.

What We Do?

In a Meeting

We are your technology partner that enables your digital transformation.

Let us help you to rethink old operating models, to become more agile in your ability to respond to customers and rivals.


Our Services

We understand your requirements and we recognize your concerns.  Helix Software Technologies utilizes both knowledge-base and field expertise in every phase of the project to ensure that you are supported every step of the way.



We provide expert advice on applications and systems suited to your specific requirements.  With careful planning and discussion, we’ll recommend the best solutions based on cost-effectiveness, investment protection, integration, and adaptability.


Our project managers will work closely with you to ensure that all solutions and services are delivered right on schedule with minimal or no interference to your normal operation.


We will never leave you in the dark.  Technology transfer program, seminar, workshop, and train-the-trainer approach and online tutorial are available as part of our joint information campaigns.


To be the best solution provider in the field of Computerized Accounting Systems and  Information Technology providing :

  1. Sound Technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions to our clients

  2. Career growth and empowerment to our employees

  3. Equal employment opportunity

  4. Reasonable profit to our stockholders.

Our Prominent Clients

Excellence Appliance Technologies, Inc. is the leading distributor of premium appliance brands with over 400 service centers built on excellence in appliance retailing and customer service.

Industry Focus

Products designed to help businesses from different industries to manage their operations.