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Helix ERP is a cloud-based accounting software behind some of the leading players in the Philippine market today. We are devoted to provide the most diversified solutions to small, medium, and large businesses that will drive unprecedented efficiency and profitability in their respective industries. Millions worth of encrypted assets and capital are currently circulating every day through our system that eliminates inefficiencies by automating the business processes and connects all physical and digital data sources into one synergetic, versatile, user-friendly platform.

Whether it be comprehensive cloud-based or on-premise, we see to it that you get what your business needs. We are committed to transcend the financial future of your business, one data at a time.

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Excellence Appliance Technologies, Inc. is the leading distributor of premium appliance brands with over 400 service centers built on excellence in appliance retailing and customer service.
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Your business is nothing different from the rest, and we understand you have needs to satisfy and requirements to meet. Let Helix help You with that.

We assure You get the most from Your investment.

No matter the business size, we work with equal diligence. You are important.

The greatest scam in the business world is to pay a hefty price for an asset to manage other assets.

We're not a "Me-Too" product. We're the best there is.

Fast, Lowest Cost of Ownership & Front-End Support.

Ditch the inefficiency. 

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