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Financial Services

Business solutions, specially designed for:

  • Banks

  • Insurance companies

  • Other finance institutions


Financial Services

All financial organizations need to sustain constant efforts in reducing costs, unnecessary administrative procedures, optimizing all internal operations, and improving the quality of customer service. Introducing the appropriate software solutions and following the best world practices, financial companies can help their employees to work more efficiently. Customers receive better services which increase their satisfaction. Specialized solutions for financial institutions to facilitate the automation and optimization of all business activities and processes while helping reduce expenses.

Features and Benefits
  • Integrated sales, marketing, and support services to customers aiming at optimal service levels

  • Easy adding and updating the changes related to regulations and legal correspondence

  • Improved banking services through using multiple channels such as ATM, call centers, teller systems, etc. as well as maintaining continuous contact with the customers

  • Integration with other applications to manage processes associated with the organization activity

Branch Operations
  • Manage your branch in an easy and intuitive way
    Allows you to control operations over a multi-branch structure effectively. Manage user permissions by branch, set up specific bank accounts, customer (the debtor), and supplier (creditor) lists, and even control the visibility and allocation of stock across multiple branches.

  • Control user permissions
    Create user-permissions on what staff can see and report on for each branch or the entire business, providing controls on staff access and visibility.

  • Separate branch operations 
    Assign customers, managers, suppliers, bank accounts, products, and jobs to specific branches, only allowing those associated with a particular branch’s operations. It enables the accounting system to maintain a clear separation of transactions, personnel, and assets.

  • Branch reporting
    With a separation in accounting, reports can disclose how each branch is performing or operating as a business unit.


Our Solutions

Modular and/or end-to-end solutions that benefits you and your company!


Industry Focus

Products designed to help businesses from different industries to manage their operations.

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