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Fixed Asset Management System

  • Asset Depreciation

  • Audit Trail

  • Barcoding/RFID

  • Document Management

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management System focuses on tracking and maintaining the lifespan of your assets and equipment. From purchasing and selling the fixed asset to having multiple depreciation books and disposal, you can see the changes in the value of what you own. Keep track of Fixed assets by monitoring equipment and work orders and reviewing reports to spot trends that can help you plan appropriately to reduce downtime and monitoring costs.



Transparent Fixed Asset Management

Accessible, complete, and transparent purchase requests

Flexible Processing

Customize every aspect of your Fixed Assets including mainteneance


Fewer Human Errors

Reduces the risk of fixed asset issues from inappropriate data input


Workflow Automation

Simplifies activities of asset transfer, asset disposal, asset receiving, and asset depreciation


Asset Depreciation​


Be able to account for a fixed asset losing or gaining value using methods like straight-line while being able to view the history of that fixed asset. The main objective is for the enterprise not to gain monitoring cost and improve Asset-Acquisition, Depreciation, and Disposal information shared with General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Purchasing.

Audit Trail

Be able to show a complete record of all transactions with Audit Trail. The main objective is to know when the transactions were recorded and who recorded them. These records provide operational integrity and proof of compliance. With Audit Trail, the enterprise will be able to maintain its confidential information and accurate audit logs.



Keeping track of your inventory items with a quick, easy, and secure process of Barcoding. Most of the items entering your inventory require barcodes that include numeric, alpha-numeric, and two-dimensional (also known as QR codes), which gives a unique feature to your inventory items.

Document Management

Document Management helps you organize important documents and files for efficient storage and easy retrieval systems. Be able to lessen or eliminate filing cabinets and boxes for good company and project documentation.

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