Distribution and Wholesale

Distribution and Wholesale

Is your inventory costing you money?

Distribution businesses all know one thing: your inventory is costing you money. Financials can help you take control of your entire supply chain, cut costs and deliver what your customer want.

Get rid of the doubt, Financials helps you to better control your inventory levels, cut purchasing and inventory costs, improve your customer satisfaction, gain insights into inventory proccesses and reduce time to market.

With Financials' extensive functionality you can manage your vendors, bills of materials, your basic inventory, warehouses, item costing, charges and landed cost.

SME Journal is ideal for distribution businesses in these sectors:

Healthcare medical devices,
Building supplies and hardware,
Food and agriculture,
Chemicals, and


Tailored solutions for a growing
distribution business.

Multiple Locations and Warehouses

Account for multiple locations and warehouses where your goods are stored.


Be able to account for more than one company and complete intercompany transactions and consolidate reporting.

Inventory Tracking

Clear picture of your stock's location and its movements.


Keep updated currency exchange rates.

Landed Cost

Determine the cost of freight for each item coming into your warehouse.


Real time insights into your stock levels.