Become more efficient, cut costs and satisfy your clients.

Mangaging a small or medium manufacturing business is no easy feat. Due to competition and economic pressures, Manufacturers have to do to more with less- become more lean while still being on top of the increasingly complex liabilities around product quality, workforce safety and government regulations.

Deliver what your customers want:

SME Journal helps Manufacturers do more with less. Financials is a complete business system that not only helps to manage your manufacturing, it covers your financials, inventory management and warehousing as well. Financials can automate time consuming tasks leaving you more time to continue to deliver quality products your customers love.

Be Smart and Be Lean:

Only pay for what you need: change your subscription and add users anytime as your needs evolve. Financials' extensive reporting capabilities helps dleiver the insights you need for your business: forecast demand, identify trends and cut down on costs.


Tailored solutions for a lean manufacturing business.

Capacity Planning

Ensure that capacities from work centres are accounted for when planning for materials and more.

Landed Cost

Account for costs like freight and insurance in pricing.

Demand Forecasting

Manage past demands and be able to understand lead times for your processes to meet the demand for finished goods.

Serial and Batch Tracking

Track serial numbers and batches to help you maintain quality, track warranties, manage product recalls and deter theft.

Inventory Management

Manage multiple warehouses, assign bins, track movements and analysis reporting.

Bill of Materials

Create bill of materials on a granular basis with the ability to have multiple levels while also calculating for the time and cost to build.