Professional Services

Professional Services

Delight your customers and grow your business.

Delivering quality services to your customers and running a competitive business comes down to how well you can plan your resources and manage your core business functions. SME Journal has your back: combining project management, resource management, inventory management with general ledger and service contract management in a single solution. These are the tools you need to run your business, and help you automate key tasks that will give you more time to do the important things: deliver great services and impress your customers.

Empower your employees in the field:
Say goodbye to scraps of paper. Financials' universal application means your team can access all their vital business information at a client site, or out in a field. Save customer information, create sales quote and approve invoices almost anytime, anywhere.

Keep costs low:

The great thing about SME Journal is that you only pay for what you use, and you can change your subscription anytime.


Tailored solution for a growing professional services business.

Project Management

Create time and materials and fixed price projects with phases, tasks and sub-tasks and specific prices for items, resources and general ledger expenses.

Job Costing

Keep your projects on time and budget while accounting for your resources and items used.


Create sales invoices from sales quotes for inventory items or services.

Service Management

Stay updated with your agreements with your customers.


Keep track of all your items and prices, create bills of materials, organise your warehouse into bins and gain meaningful insights from Financials advanced reporting.


Avoid delays or cost overruns with time sheet review and reporting for an individual or a machine.