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BIR Computerized Accounting Systems (BIR-CAS) Compliance

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

There are more than 3,700 large taxpayers in the Philippines, and many are not compliant to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). The BIR released a regulation, No. 09-2009 that mandates all the large Taxpayers to acquire a Computerized Accounting System (CAS) that is compliant with the e-documents and other records that the BIR requires. It refers to the integration of different component systems to produce computerized books of accounts and computer-generated accounting records and documents.

The same regulation also applies to the top 500 medium-sized provincial taxpayers in every revenue district which has the equivalent classification of a large taxpayer. With the activation of the BIR Special Task Force called Computerized Systems Evaluation Team (CSET) to monitor medium and large taxpayers, more active campaigns and stricter enforcement from the tax authorities is expected.

Those subject to this new regulation must get proper authorization from the BIR in adopting a CAS. A good intentioned taxpayer could not simply purchase a CAS and assume instant compliance. The use of a CAS without approval from the BIR will incur penalties of P25,000 on the first offense and P50,000 on the second offense pursuant to RMO 1-90, as amended by RMO 56-2000. If a taxpayer generates a sales invoice or official receipt from an unauthorized CAS, a penalty of P1,000 will be imposed for each document issued, but the maximum penalty shall not exceed P25,000 per year.

The good thing is CAS is not just for the benefit of addressing BIR requirements to avoid penalties and termination of a company due to non-compliance, it also aids in managing a business from procurement to sales, to inventory tracking, and of course, accounting.

Fortunately, HelixCAS and the company behind it, Helix Cloud ERP, is here to help to assist in BIR accreditation, including all the preparation of manuals. HelixCAS is a faster and more accurate way to manage and streamline your business operations. Now clients can run their accounting, financials, and entire business with a strong solution.

Helix Cloud ERP has assisted many large enterprises achieved BIR CAS compliance including A. Soriano Corp, Mirant, MicroD, Trends and Technologies, Mighty Corp., Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), Bounty Agro among many others.

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For decades, Helix had successfully assisted numerous companies which sought BIR accreditation of their Computerized Accounting System (CAS)

Part of our system includes BIR reports such as:

  • BIR Form 2306/2307 – Certificate of Withholding Tax

  • MAP – Monthly Alpha List of Payees

  • BIR Form 1604E – Yearly Return for EWT

  • BIR Form 2550M – VAT Return (Monthly)

  • BIR Form 2550Q – VAT Return (Quarterly)

  • EWT Report – Schedule of Withholding Tax

  • EWT Report Quarterly – Quarterly EWT Schedule

  • Input VAT Report

  • Output VAT Report

  • BIR Relief (Purchases and Sales)

  • Expanded Withholding Tax Report and Forms

  • Books of Accounts

- Purchase Journal

- Disbursement Journal

- General Journal

- Sales Journal

- Cash Receipts Book

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