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Have you experienced DARK Purchasing?

Purchases that are made outside the defined procurement procedure will put you under dark purchasing. Such uncontrolled release and monitoring of PO can ultimately be expensive for businesses. 


Procurement Management System

Procurement Management System is a vital business process, wherein it mainly focuses on acquiring and receiving items from the vendors/suppliers. It creates an impact on the overall costs, inventory, and assets of the company. We help you develop your purchasing capabilities for the items from your suppliers to your inventory list and create purchase requisitions with just a few clicks. 

Select from different replenishment methods for each product depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies. Our Procurement Management System easily imports suppliers' price lists to make smarter purchase decisions based on promotions, quantities, and conditions. Keep track of a product's availability from your supplier's stock and check your order status for you to establish your sales price on your supplier's prices.

Procurement System


Purchase Requisition

A requisition order is a form that a department must submit to initiate the purchase order process.  It is the triggering document that will initiate the procurement cycle.


Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module can be a stand alone application.  However, at the same time it can automate the process of generating purchase orders  thru Purchase Requisition and Canvassing integration.



Allows you to define the criteria for choosing the best supplier that can include the supplier terms, price, and any additional service, choosing the best supplier to source the item is vital in order to satisfy the requestor’s item requirement


Goods Receipt

Goods Receipts processing includes tallying the receipts of purchase order goods, entering the invoice information if accompanying the shipment, specifiying the delivery receipt number, generating back orders if it is partial delivery and mostly printing, posting the receipt and updating the inventory stocks on-hand. 

Manage and take control of your Procurement.

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Streamline your Procurement Management

So that, you can concentrate on the strategic process.


Intuitive UI

Employees can manage their own PRs using the simplified visual interface.


Paperless Processing

Manage documentation effectively without the printout/s.


Requisition to Canvass

Approved Requisitions are converted to Request for Quotation and Canvass.


Smart Alerts

Keeps the stakeholder up-to-date with info of their request/s.


Approvals on the Go

Every stakeholder has the ability to approve using Helix or Gmail account.


Supporting Documents

Every stakeholder has the ability to approve using Helix or Gmail account.


Purchase Requisition

Allows every department to input the item quantity and estimated unit cost of the item procured until the designated approver approves the Purchase Requisition.

Stock Analysis

Gives timely information of the status of your stocks vs. request and sales order allocation.  Properly group by Trade and Non-trade items and more. It reduces the planning cycle times when the information is at your hand.


Automated canvassing aids in preparing Requests for Quotation.  You can now send the RFW to multiple suppliers and receive quotes and updated prices of the item. The system plots the information on a Bid of Canvass format ready for you.

Purchase Order

Using Helix  Purchase Order becomes easy with the help of integrated features available.  A pre-sub process generates automatic Purchase Order transactions.  However, manual input of Purchase Order can be swiftly done as well.

Close / Cancel / Hold PO / Manage Returns

When a situation arises,  you can use this sub-module. It generates forms that can be emailed directly to your supplier to avoid miscommunication and errors in serving the items.

Receiving Report

That moment when you need to return the item, and you wish there’s a better way, Helix makes it easier for you.  Cross-referencing from the received item.  You can basically return it with a few clicks.


Our Solutions

Modular and/or end-to-end solutions that benefits you and your company!


Industry Focus

Products designed to help businesses from different industries to manage their operations.

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