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Apartment Buildings

Property Management System

  • Lesser time spent on administrative tasks and paperwork.

  • Maintains information of the unit owner/tenant.

  • Manages to bill for using building facilities.

Property Management System

Our Property Management System works as real estate management. It maintains information about the unit owner and/or tenant and provides comprehensive real estate services from finance, engineering, administrative, government compliance to maintenance management. Giving you access to your data anytime as it is uploaded online and updated instantaneously, leading to a reduced amount of administration work. 

Moreover, it enables you to run thorough analysis through the data stored in the system to give you insights into your business to spot inefficiencies, discover opportunities, and track asset depreciation. It can be integrated with other software to impact the company's overall properties. Despite having this convenience, productivity wouldn't be sacrificed to have intensive training as the software is user-friendly and customizable.

Property Management System


Real-Time Access to Information

Accessible, complete, and transparent property management

Flexible Processing

Customize every aspect of your properties from billing to management.


Reduce Administration Works​

Reduces the risk of fixed property issues from inappropriate data input


Intuitive User-Interface

Requires little or no additional training for its ease of use.


This aspect includes different types of billings, including miscellaneous fees such as utilities. When the billings are processed, it connects to the Billing Module of the System and shall reflect in the Billing Statement and Statement of Accounts of the Property Unit Owners. The data is stored in a ledger to allow the viewing from the Beginning Balances of a property unit. Reports/Forms are customizable and can be tailored-fit to the organization's format.



This aspect focuses on the management of properties. Not only does it allow the inputting of details of the property, such as the specifications of the type and location, but it also allows entering the information of the clients residing in said properties and important dates that need to be taken into account. These features would assist you in keeping track of your assets with great ease.



Allows the users to input details/information related to a specific property. Most of the transactions are recorded in sub-modules and are reconciled with the properties in real-time. Transactions can be done directly and allow the user to see the details of the beginning balances of a property unit. With an open system, you will always be future-oriented. You will be able to integrate necessary applications into your PMS at any time.


Property Management Flow

The main goal of the Property Management Flow is to optimize by coordinating with various departments. Minimize delays by communicating with property owners and tenants and maximize productivity by streamlining accounting processes and tracking core processes that involve changes in the properties, such as lease renewals, inspections, and occupancy.


Our Solutions

Modular and/or end-to-end solutions that benefits you and your company!


Industry Focus

Products designed to help businesses from different industries to manage their operations.

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